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As mentioned in the previous page in this tour, LinkExplore doesn't just limit you to my own database of sites that are willing to exchange links with you.

The latest version of LinkExplore also allows you to automatically search the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN and find sites that are related to your site, have a very high PageRank and are willing to exchange links with you.

Coming back to our example of the insurance site, you can tell LinkExplore to display 100 sites that contain the keyword "insurance links" and have a PageRank between (say) 6 and 10, as shown in the following screenshot:

This will again save you hundreds of hours of your time that you would otherwise have to spend in order to find these high PageRank link partners manually.

Alternatively, let's say that you want to spy on your competitors and find out all the high PageRank sites that link to your competitors.

So, you can also tell LinkExplore to find out 100 sites that link to a particular competitor's site (say and have a PageRank between 6 and 10, as shown in the following screenshot:

If you had to do this manually for all of your top ranking competitors, it would take you nothing short of 250 - 300 hours of your time...

But, with LinkExplore, this takes less than 30 seconds - all that you need to do is to specify the website of your competitor, specify that you are only interested in getting links from sites that have a PageRank between (say) 6 and 10, and you're done - LinkExplore will then search the Internet on its own and find out all the sites that link to your competitor and have a PageRank between 6 and 10.

Of course, LinkExplore is capable of finding many more than 100 sites at a time - you can decide how many sites LinkExplore finds.

LinkExplore will then search for all such sites and display them for you, as shown in the following screenshot:

Just have a look at what one of my customers told me right after I released the latest version of LinkExplore containing these new features:

"Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your newest version of LinkExplore.

I am now able to search for websites to exchange links with using keywords----which really helps!

I just got your newest upgraded version today, simply typed in the keyword "baby", and ---wow---hundreds of baby-related websites popped up.

It was so-ooo easy, and saved me literally hours of hard work searching through the net looking for baby-related websites to exchange links with.

For anyone looking to target a specific audience, I highly recommend this program. Way to go! Keep up the great work."

Sue Hannah
sue @
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Sue Hannah

And here's what another of my customers told me after the latest version of LinkExplore was released:

"Previously LinkExplore was a very good product. Now LinkExplore has become a superb product.

The large database of sites willing to link is a huge timesaver. The one click access to the links page, the home page, the PageRank, and the whois information of targeted sites were always some of the most delightful features.

With the new LinkExplore, I can now also access sites I find on the search engines just as easily as the sites in the LinkExplore database. This is a tremendous timesaver.

I have LinkExplore set up with my own customized template to send out emails to prospective sites. I can simply import the site I found on the Internet into LinkExplore, see the PageRank, the whois, the contact info, and send out my link email request and it is so easy.

Even better I can now use LinkExplore to search the Internet and find targeted sites based on my keyword, plus give me the PageRank and all the associated info.

I can also use LinkExplore to find super affiliates, or sites with a specified PageRank.

My site has only been up one month and with the help of LinkExplore I am already in the top twenty for about five keywords! And I fully expect to reach the top ten soon after Google finds out about all the new links that LinkExplore has got for me.

What a great product!

Thanks again."

Brian Jacobs
bjacobs @
South Daytona, Florida

Of course, as explained in the previous page of this 5 minute tour, LinkExplore will automatically find the link text and description that you should use to link to all these sites as well as give you the HTML code for the page that you need to add to your site

Once you have added the page containing the links to your site, you can then send an email to your potential link partners asking them to link back to your site. In order to do this, simply click on the "Send Email" button in the above screenshot.

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