LinkExplore 5-Minute Quick Tour

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When you click on the "Send Email" button, LinkExplore will display the Send Email window which will allow you to send emails to the website owners with whom you want to exchange links, as shown below:

If you didn't have LinkExplore with you, you would have to manually go to each website and then spend a few minutes figuring out the email address of the owner of the site.

Since you would have to do this for each site you want to exchange links with, you can imagine how much time you would have to spend doing this.

Luckily, LinkExplore has already found out the email address of the owner of each of the sites in its database, once again saving you quite a few hours of your time.

LinkExplore comes with 5 professionally created templates for different types of link request emails that have been tested and proven to generate a high response every time they are used to request a link exchange.

In order to use a template, simply select that template from the Select Template drop-down list. The content of the Subject and Body fields will be replaced by the content of the template.

Of course, you can customize each template according to your own requirements.

LinkExplore also supports several mail-merge fields which it automatically replaces by the relevant values when it sends emails on your behalf.

This allows you to quickly send personalized emails to each website owner without having to manually type the entire email for each website owner.

Once again, this feature will save you dozens of hours of your time.

After you have created the email, you can click on the "Send Email" button to send the email to the website owners with whom you want to exchange links.

When the website owners link back to you, your link popularity will improve dramatically and you will most certainly get top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and the other search engines for your most important keywords.

Here's what a LinkExplore user said about the results that he got after using LinkExplore and how much time my software is saving him:

"I can't praise LinkExplore enough for what it has already done for my web site rankings.

After only two hours of work using LinkExplore to boost rankings on a competitive keyword, I have moved from being ranked 67th in Google to just 6th. I can't wait to spend a few more hours to get ranked even higher.

It's so easy to find tons of other web sites in the same relevant category with which to form link partnerships. With the email merge feature, I quickly created customized and personalized invitations to other webmasters and sent them with the click of a button.

I accomplished in two hours what would have taken 40 to 80 hours to achieve without LinkExplore!"

Mark Wood
info @
Sandy, Utah

Here's what another of my customers said about how LinkExplore gets you much better results, and at the same time, is much more easy-to-use than any other link exchange software in the market today:

"LinkExplore is without question the best linking program on the market today.

I tried other linking programs that were hard to figure out and very time consuming. But with LinkExplore I was up and running in a matter of seconds. In just 5 minutes using LinkExplore I got 10 high-ranking sites to link to my site. It would have taken at least 3 hours to do the same thing with my previous linking program.

LinkExplore automates the entire process of finding link partners. It finds high-ranking sites for you, it creates the links for you, and it emails your future linking partners for you. It does all the work, so you don't have to. What a time-saver!

LinkExplore is by far the fastest and easiest way to get high-ranking sites linking to you, improving your PageRank and increasing your traffic. I simply love it!"

Dr. Larry Johnson
contact @
Santa Ana, California

Here's what another of my customers said about how powerful, yet simple and easy-to-use LinkExplore is:


I simply love the work and effort you have put into simplifying a lot of the processes that go into picking good links to swap. If you are not rich already, this ought to do it. I know of no other program like it. I would recommend this to everybody. It's simply fantastic.

Tracking down good link sites, working up the code, and trying to contact the owners of other sites is extremely time consuming. LinkExplore has taken 95% of the work out of it.

Your guarantee says it all. I would not buy any product without one but yours is even better and longer.

Your personal emails on how to learn the product is also something most other programs lack. On top of that I felt like you were explaining everything to me in lay man's terms, not High-tech talk. Thank you.

Last night was the first full evening I spent on LinkExplore and I loved every minute of it. I ran up stairs bragging about LinkExplore and how much future success I was going to have for my clients' Web Sites.

Well I got to get back to the learning process. Again I can't say enough about how simple you have made EVERYTHING.

Sumantra, I am very happy I found you. I had heard about your knowledge and work before but this is the first experience I have had with your services and it has been great.

Keep up the good work."

Lawrence Nicholas
larry @
Wenatchee, Washington

And here's what yet another of my customers said about how easy-to-use LinkExplore is:

"I've found your product very easy to use.

I had always found reciprocal linking very tedious. I belong to some link exchange sites and I get tons of emails requesting exchanges from sites that had nothing to do with my site in terms of category.

Your software puts me more in control. I go after those sites I want. As a professional software developer by trade, I find your software to be extremely well written, well documented and very user friendly.

Keep up the good work."

Larry Braverman
freedom7 @
Westwood, New Jersey

Now, so far, we have talked of the LinkExplore link popularity software. But, LinkExplore is not just a link popularity software.

It is a complete blueprint for getting top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and the other search engines.

Accompanying LinkExplore is an outstanding book on search engine optimization called "Anatomy of a Search Engine Campaign".

Click on the Next link below to find out exactly how this book will help you get top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and the other search engines...

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