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Accompanying LinkExplore is an outstanding 53 page book called "Anatomy of a Search Engine Campaign" that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to use LinkExplore to get top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and the other search engines.

The book will covers things like

  • 1 fatal mistake that most novices make when they try to get top rankings in the search engines (See Page 6 of the book for complete details).
  • How to select exactly which keywords you should try to get top rankings for (See Chapter 2 of the book).
  • How to create pages that both search engines AND your human visitors love (See Chapter 4).
  • A step-by-step blueprint telling you how you can make your site search engine friendly (See Chapter 4).
  • An explosive new technique that I have personally developed (called the "adjacent phrase stemming" technique) that will help your site get top 10 rankings for different keywords without making any extra effort to get top rankings for them!

Yes, you read that correctly. With this new technique, you can magically get top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and the other search engines for quite a few keywords without making any extra effort at all.

There is no other place on the Internet from where you can learn about this secret technique. Once you have read about this technique, you will find it to be so easy and simple to understand, yet so powerful, that you'll wonder why none of the other experts have told you about it!

See Page 14 of the book for complete details.

  • The only correct way of submitting your site to the search engines - most inexperienced website owners get this crucial step wrong! We will tell you why (See Chapter 5).
  • The only correct way of submitting your site to the Open Directory (DMOZ)... and what to do if you have been trying to get your site listed in the Open Directory for months without any success (See Chapter 6).
  • The name of a secret website that will put you in direct contact with an actual human editor of the Open Directory... if the Open Directory has not listed your site after repeated attempts, you can use this secret site to get listed quickly! (See Page 32 for complete details).
  • 3 other directories (other than the Open Directory) that you can get your site listed in for FREE... and how doing so will lead to an INSTANT increase in your link popularity (See Chapter 7).
  • Insider tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of the LinkExplore software (See Chapter 9).

And these are just a few of the topics covered!

The information contained in the book is so powerful that I could have easily charged at least $97 for it if I had sold it separately.

But you get it FREE with your copy of LinkExplore!

Here's what another of my customers said about how much he has learnt about search engine optimization after using the LinkExplore software and reading the Anatomy of a Search Engine Campaign book:

Paul Hamilton"When I started using LinkExplore I had little knowledge of web promotion techniques.

LinkExplore, together with its guide and support available, really does transform you from a SEO novice to an SEO expert in a very short space of time.

Not only has LinkExplore increased my knowledge exponentially, but it also saves me about 20 hours every week. I value my time very highly so this is obviously a God send for me.

In the short period of time that I have been promoting my site using LinkExplore, I have already been able to achieve a Top 3 ranking for a search term currently bidding at $25 per click in the pay per click engines!

I cannot overstate how much time and money this product has saved me and my company.

I rate LinkExplore 10/10 every time. It is simply a necessity for anyone looking to achieve more traffic to their website."

Paul Hamilton
sales @
United Kingdom

Now, You are Probably STILL Skeptical

If you're like most website owners I know, you probably subscribe to a couple of newsletters on search engine positioning written by so-called "experts".

You may have even purchased a few books and software on search engine positioning that promise to help you get top 10 rankings in the search engines.

But you've been disappointed - either the things that these newsletters, books and software talk about just don't work, or even if they do work, they take way too much time - time that you just don't have.

So, at this point, I know what you are probably thinking.

Since you don't know me personally, you are probably wondering why you should trust me. You are wondering how my software is different from the other books and software that you may have purchased.

You are thinking "is this guy full of hot air or can his software do all that he claims it can do?"

In other words, can I DELIVER on my promises?

Good questions. With so many scams and get-rich-quick schemes floating around on the Internet, you are absolutely right in being skeptical about what I have said.

See... I am a small business owner myself, just like you. I understand your concerns and problems - because I too face the same problems on a daily basis.

You are constantly looking to drive more targeted traffic to your website and increase your sales - just like I am.

And you have probably tried quite a few things to improve your sales in the past - so have I. Some of them may have worked but many others didn't.

So I can quite understand why you are skeptical.

Here are 3 reasons that I hope will convince you that my software CAN help you get top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and the other search engines:

Firstly,  unlike other "experts" who themselves don't use the techniques and strategies they advise other people to use, I use LinkExplore myself on a daily basis in order to get top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and the other search engines for my sites and my clients' sites. I practice what I preach.

Secondly, LinkExplore comes with my unconditional, 120 day money-back guarantee. If you do not get top 10 rankings using my software or if you are not satisfied with my software for any reason whatsoever, you can simply ask for a no-questions asked refund. More about the guarantee later...

Thirdly, here's some proof which will allow you to decide whether or not my software will help you get top 10 rankings in the search engines.

REAL Success Stories from Small Business and Home-Based Business Owners Just Like YOU

I have been providing search engine optimization services to my clients for 3 years now. My clients pay me up to $3999 in order to get their websites top 10 rankings in the search engines.

Here are some comments from just a few of my clients - these clients got top 10 rankings in the search engines using the same secret link popularity and search engine positioning strategies that you will discover in my software.

You will find that my techniques have not only helped my clients get top 10 rankings in the search engines, but more importantly - they have generated more traffic and more sales for them.


I have to tell you, I had been through so many other programs that promised all these things you listed in your site, but with almost ZERO results.

I am going to condense my thanks into simply saying, I am glad to find that there is at least one program (I am sure there are others, just couldn't find them) that gives you what you pay for...and even more. I just can't tell you how much we appreciate the results we got for the small price that we paid.

Within 3 months or so, our site REALLY got more traffic than we could handle, until we made adequate changes to handle the increased traffic. (I almost did not put this statement in, because it sounded like an exaggeration, but believe me, every word of this note is true).

I don't know where we would be at this time, if I had not found you. I was about ready to give up trying the methods I had been using.

I know how hard it is to get the kind of traffic we are now getting, so I would not tell anyone things that were not true. I want the BEST for anyone out there, that is trying to make it on the web, and from our standpoint, I am advising anyone that might read this, that Sumantra's program delivers the goods.

Until I started using his program, I thought the web was a big joke and felt that there was no one out there that could deliver the goods. I know how hard you have been looking for someone that can deliver what you have been spending good money for......... well, you HAVE found it, don't miss this deal.

I am the type, when I find something good, I can't wait to let everyone know it. Please, for the sake of your business, just give these people a chance..... they deliver. You will be wanting to thank me, like I am trying to thank Sumantra. It is not necessary...JUST ENJOY YOUR SUCCESS.

Thanks Again Sumantra and I think you kind of infringed on our motto... By doing it right the first time.

From a VERY grateful customer."

Bill Kesterson

This site has top 10 rankings in Google for keywords like car shocks. Please click on the keyword to verify the rankings in Google.


I'd like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you've done boosting my website in the search rankings. Your work is bringing my website more than 1000 unique visitors per day - that's a lot of shoppers! And my sales have increased as much as 6 times compared to what they were before. Having lived through the big changes at Google in the 4th quarter of 2003, and the continuing changes at other search engines, I know nothing ever stays the same, and I wouldn't dream of going forward without your continuing help.

Leslie B. Lyons

This site has top 10 rankings in Google for keywords like detective party games. Please click on the keyword to verify the rankings in Google.


"We used the services of Sumantra Roy to help us with our submissions to the search engines because we were not getting very good rankings. After utilizing his services, in a short period of time, our site ended up No. 1 on Yahoo! and all the other major search engines for many of our keywords. As a result of this, our traffic has skyrocketed - in fact, it has increased 10 fold, and our sales have jumped up by over 70%. Sumantra is very accommodating and very pleasing to work with and we highly recommend his services"

Daniel Zacarias

This site has top 10 rankings in Google for keywords like bamboo furniture. Please click on the keyword to verify the rankings in Google.


"I have utilized the services of Sumantra Roy to attain higher search engine rankings for our company, Novatan. I was highly impressed with his professionalism and with the speed at which we attained our desired higher rankings. It was a pleasure working with him and we continue to use his services on a regular basis. I can highly recommend him to anyone desiring to do business on the Internet."

Brad Williams

This site has top 10 rankings in Google for keywords like tanning bulbs. Please click on the keyword to verify the rankings in Google.

Click here now to order LinkExplore and have it downloaded to your computer instantly!

OK - your software sounds interesting but I am sure it costs a lot of money, right?

Let me ask you something - how much will a single top 10 ranking for a popular keyword in Google be worth to you every month in terms of increased sales and profits?

Now let's say you get five top 10 positions in Google by using my software (you will definitely get many more than five top 10 positions in the major search engines after using LinkExplore - but let's just be conservative and assume that you only get five top 10 positions). How much will they be worth to you every month? Every year?

In just about any industry, a single top 10 position in Google for a popular keyword will easily fetch at least a few thousand dollars in increased sales and profits every month.

No wonder some professional search engine optimization consultants charge in excess of $7500 for their services! I myself charge up to $3999 for getting my clients top rankings in the search engines.

And I know of 1 company that charges $1500 for getting you only 100 links! (With my software, you have the opportunity to get an unlimited number of links).

Furthermore, I have spent more than 6 months in developing this software and over 4 years in developing the search engine positioning techniques that are incorporated in the software.

I had to employ 2 full-time programmers who worked non-stop for 6 months to create the software and I estimate that it has cost me at least $45,000 to develop the software.

So, given what the software has cost me to develop, given how much more money your website will make after you get top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and the other search engines by using my software, given the hundreds of hours of your time the software can save you, and given what others are charging to get you top positions in the search engines, I could have easily charged a LOT of money for the software.

But, I am not going to. Why?

It is not because I am a nice guy (although I'd like to think I am). It is because I know that I am going to get far more orders if my software is affordable to the average website owner. And given the amount of time I have spent developing the software, I would like as many people to use it as possible.

But, I can't give the software away for a very low price either. If too many people start using the software, its value will diminish to serious users of the software.

So, I have decided on an affordable price of $49.95 per month for the software.

The ongoing monthly fee covers the significant costs that I incur every month to keep the database updated constantly, to provide you with the updated PageRank of each of the 14,000+ sites in the database (since the PageRank of each site changes constantly), and to locate at least 450 - 500 new high-quality sites that are willing to exchange links with you every month.

There is no long-term contract or commitment and you can cancel the $49.95 monthly payment at any time and for any reason simply by sending an email to me.

Let's look at this from another perspective.

Let's say that you get five top 10 positions in Google after using LinkExplore (again, you will definitely be able to get many more than five top 10 positions in all the major search engines by using LinkExplore - but let's be conservative).

This means that on average, each top 10 position in Google will cost you just $9.99 per month.

Now, simply compare this with the amount of money that you can earn from each top 10 position in Google.

I don't know of a single industry where you will not earn at least 120 - 130 times this amount per month from a top 10 position in Google for a popular keyword.

And of course, LinkExplore doesn't just help you get top 10 rankings in Google - it also helps you get top 10 rankings in Yahoo, MSN, and all the other search engines.

Also, don't forget that the cost of my software is fully tax deductible as a legitimate business expense. Depending on your tax bracket, its actual cost can be as little as $37.17 per month after your accountant has deducted it on your tax returns!

Here's what another of my customers said about LinkExplore:

Dave Kelly"LinkExplore is an absolute MUST HAVE if you do any reciprocal link building.

Virtually anyone should be able to build a substantial QUALITY link network in a very short period of time using it. It's simply one of the easiest and fastest link building programs I have seen.

The built in database of high quality categorized potential link partners is worth the price itself.

After having it for about 10 minutes, I had already identified and emailed a number of potential link partners and I've already started receiving positive responses.

Having been in the Internet marketing area for over 8 years, I have tried most of the link building software that has come down the pipe, and LinkExplore beats them all."

Dave Kelly
dave83 @
Glen Burnie, Maryland

And here's what yet another of my customers said about the kind of results he obtained after using LinkExplore:

Michael Lund"I was so very skeptical of your program before I bought it but needed to save the time it takes to research and contact top websites for linking purposes.

Everyone knows today that it's just not "keywords" that rank your site, but what weighs more heavily now is "who links to you and how many".

The first time I used your software I started getting back positive responses within 2-3 hours. I went straight for the number "1" sites to improve my ranking.

This program that anyone can learn in less than two hours is fantastic. It's saved me more than 48 -60 hours just on this one site. I have three more which I'm using LinkExplore on now.

I bought this program mainly because of your guarantee, but soon found that this program is worth much, much more than you charge.

Thanks again for creating this time-saving software."

Michael Lund
webmaster @
Janesville, Wisconsin

A few months later, Michael wrote back to us with an update on how his site is doing after he started using LinkExplore:

"I have used LinkExplore now for the last several months and it has helped gain the search engine rankings that I never had before. Now I'm getting hundreds of hits per day with ALL of the top search engines. Plus every time I use it, there are more and more TOP ranked sites to choose from. If it wasn't for LinkExplore, I'd still be wasting time and money on useless advertising getting the same old results that I got before.

If you haven't got LinkExplore, you don't stand a chance of good search engine rankings. Thanks Sumantra... nice job!"

Click here now to order LinkExplore and you'll have it downloaded to your computer within the next 5 minutes!

Risk-Free, Unconditional 120 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed


This is more than just a guarantee - this is my personal promise to you.

Why am I practically telling you to ask for your money back? Why am I giving you a 120 day guarantee whereas most websites give you only a 30 day guarantee (and some don't give any guarantees at all)?

Because I know that my software delivers the goods. In fact, it over-delivers. And that is what gives me the confidence of offering a money-back guarantee.

Click here now to order LinkExplore and you'll have it downloaded to your computer within the next 5 minutes!




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